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Lazer FX summer camps

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It’s Summer time and want your kids to do something fun and exciting?

Each camp participant receives 7 LAZERFX TAG games daily!!!

Fayetteville, North Carolina Location Only!!!!!

CAMP LAZER FX 2012 DATES:         

                                          Weeks of June 17th – 22nd, 25th – 30th ,July 11th – 15th, 18th – 22nd, 25th – 29th, August 1st – 5th, 8th – 12th, 15th – 19th

Daily activities and itinerary Groups:

                                                          Ages (Group 1) 7 & 8          (Group 2) 9& 10      (Group 3) 11 & 12

                                Itinerary                                  Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm    

                                7:30 – 8:00am                         Daily drop off and check in (sign child in)

                                8:00 – 8:15am                         Daily briefing on LAZERFX LAZER TAG by LAZER TAG specialist learn the tricks!

                                8:15 – 8:35am                         LAZER TAG!

                                8:35 -  9:00am                        LAZER TAG!

                                9:00 – 9:10am                         Break with group counselor

                                9:10 – 9:25am                         Arcade games (LAzer FX special! 40 tokens for only $25!!) $50 value!!!

                                9:25 – 11:10 am                      LAZER FX DAILY MOVIE (each age group will view an age appropriate movie)

                                                                                Other activities like hide and seek, dodgeball, will be offered as well

                                11:10 – 11:30am                     LAZER TAG!

                                11:30 – 11:35am                     Clean up for lunch

                                11:35 – 12:10pm                     LUNCH (See packages below)

                                12:10 – 2:15pm                       LAZER FX DAILY MOVIE and instruction on how to be a “star” with LAZER FX Lazer tag

                                  2:20 – 2:40pm                       LAZER TAG SOLO GAME – Learn to get the most points in a solo setting!

                                  2:45 – 3:05pm                       LAZER TAG TEAM GAME – Learn the skills important to help your team win!

                                  3:05 – 3:25pm                       LAZER TAG ELIMINATION GAME (top scores in each age group move on)

                                  3:25 -  3:35pm                      BREAK with group counselor

                                  3:35 – 3:55pm                       Consolation LAZER TAG Game

                                  4:00 – 4:20pm                       LAZER FX Daily championship match, (age groups battle it out, different category awards each day)

                                  4:20 – 4:30pm                       Daily review of achieving most points while playing

                                  4:30 – 4:40pm                       Our LAZER TAG winners of the day get their pictures taken with “BLASTER”

                                  4:40 – 4:50pm                       Campers receive Icees to take home

                                  4:50 – 5:20pm                       Parents pick up child, must show photo id and sign child out.

                                                                                Late pickup may be arranged for an additional fee.

Food options:

                Lunch package available at $30 per camper or at $8 per day and includes the following menu:

                Monday –                Cheeseburger, chips, soft drink or water

                Tuesday –                Subway Ham and cheese or Turkey and cheese sub, chips, soft drink or water

                Wednesday –          PIZZA, chips, soft drink or water

                Thursday –              Chicken nuggets (six pieces) chips, soft drink or water

                Friday –                   LAZER FX Choice PIZZA, cheeseburger or chicken nuggets, soft drink or water

                We recommend each child brings a water bottle with their name on it to use in between LAZERFX Lazertag games

                Please note* No substitutions on meals. Children with food allergies are encouraged to bring their own meals.

CAMP COSTS :                        

Purchase membership for $30 a year and SAVE BIG!!

Member costs: Single camp $149.99, Any three camps $399.99, Any six camps , $799.99

Non Member costs: Single camp 175.00, Any three camps $450.00, Any six camps $900.00

Daily participation, $39.99 members, $49.99 non members  


                Sample Payment options for all camps is available below payment for Members:

                $99 due at time of booking participant, $50 balance due by Thursday of camp week participation

                $399/$149 due at time of booking, $99 due at beginning of second and third camp, $50 balance due by Thursday of camp week

                $799/$149 due at time of booking, $149 due each Monday of camp, $100 due at the beginning of both the fifth and sixth camps

                Methods of payment accepted credit cards, money order, certified bank check and cash.  Prices do not include sales tax 

Contact Us

Lazer FX - Lazer Tag 

510 N. McPherson Church Road, Fayetteville, NC 28303 (910)630-2229

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