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Forget the stale hotel conference room. At Lazer FX, team building is serious fun. No long-winded seminars or lectures or convention food, just an exhilarating game of laser tag to build teamwork. Playing laser tag with co-workers incorporates the basic principles of team work and game strategy, allowing employees to enhance communication, develop rapport, sharpen the competitive edge or define leadership skills while having a great time. Whatever your company's specific needs, this program will make a difference in your organization.

  • Specialized - No two programs are alike. Programs are designed to meet the objectives of each individual organization.
  • Training for the entire office or a particular division. Each 15 minute laser tag game accommodates up to 30 players, allowing for participation by both large and small organizations.
  • Hands-on instruction by our experienced team building staff. The Lazer FX staff is there to ensure that things run smoothly and that all objectives are met.
  • We do all the dirty work. No complicated registration or orientation. Just pick a day and time that works for you, explain your goals and we'll do the rest.



Problem - A corporation recognizes its employees seem troubled and unhappy and are not communicating effectively, thereby causing decreased worker productivity.

Solution - Lazer FX creates a program designed to break communication barriers and enhance employee relations.

Strategy - Three games are played:

  • Mission 1 - An introduction to laser tag, game one gives employees the opportunity to experience the arena and to learn the basic rules of the game.
  • Mission 2 - Teams move to the next level of play through focused strategy training by Lazer FX staff members. Players must embrace team interaction in order to improve scores.
  • Mission 3 - The teams have learned how to effectively work together to fulfill objectives and the lines of communication are now open. Players begin to work together to create new strategies in an attempt to achieve the highest scores.


Problem - A company would like to determine or enhance the leadership qualities of its employees.

Solution - Designed to give employees the opportunity to demonstrate their strengths and leadership characteristics outside of the office, the program involves minimal Lazer FX staff instruction.

Strategy - Three games are played:

  • Mission 1 - Primarily serving as an introduction to laser tag, the first game allows players to experience the arena and get comfortable with the equipment.
  • Mission 2 - Lazer FX increases the game difficulty and teams are given time to strategize a plan of attack without the benefit of advice from Lazer FX professionals. At this time, leadership patterns begin to emerge.
  • Mission 3 - Team leaders have naturally evolved by this time and these individuals are able to demonstrate their ability to direct others and create team objectives in a unique setting.


Problem - A company wants to improve its competitive edge by motivating its employees and increasing interaction within departments.

Solution - Lazer FX designs a unique competition format program that motivates team members to work cooperatively.

Strategy - Three game formats are played:

  • Mission 1 - The novice format allows players to acclimate to the arena and develop strategy techniques.
  • Mission 2 - During this game, reload stations are introduced. Players are required to locate the stations to replenish equipment energy and laser charge. An Lazer FX staff member is assigned to each team to help assess skill levels of team members and assist the players in formulating game strategies.
  • Mission 3 - In the final competition round, an eliminator strategy format is introduced where players are eliminated from the game after they are tagged more than the designated number of times allowed. To win, teams must devise a focused, team-centered strategy to ensure that a member of their team is the last person left in the arena.


Problem - A company needs a unique setting for a day away from the office where large numbers of employees can experience a shared entertainment event to recover from burnout, stress or end-of-project exhaustion -- or to celebrate accomplishments!

Solution - The level of activity and participation in each game allows individuals to take a break from the real world and have a blast.

Strategy - Three Mission of fun!

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